Rimoldi | SIRIO II

Sirio II 1 or multineedles chainstitch  flatbed machine

61F : flatbed machine for interlock stitch without top covering thread: 2 needles (406) and 3 needle (407)

63F: flatbed machine for interlock stitch with top covering thread: 2 needles (602) 3 needles (605) and 4 needles (607)

64F: double chain stitch flatbed machine (401)

68F: 2 and 3 needles flatbed machine for interlock stitch with bottom covering thread (double chain stitch 401)

Sirio II offers the best performances, productivity, seam quality and machine life. Speed up to 7000 stitches/minute. New feeding system. Oil pump lubrification. Designed to accept many electronic and pneumatic devices.

Features: external stitch-lenght adjustment lever, external differential-feed adjustment lever. External oil lever. Looper thread take up cam positioning in front for easy excesses. Easy threading.

Sirio II can easily meet all requirements. New feed dog clamp. new looper mechanism: Wide diffential feed range. Adjustable needle bar stroke. Needle guard with indipendent movement. Easily removable needle clamp. Indipendent needle threads control.



2 needle 4 threads 3,5 mm flatbed machine for elastic lace application from roll on underwear garments. Equipped with trimming knives in front of the folder, it is suitable for the application of collarettes  for underwear, swimwear and seamless up to a max size 36/38 mm. Equipped with S74530: tape cutter+ pneumatic presser foot lifter





2 needles, 4 threads 4,5 mm flatbed machine for attacching collarettes to the necklines and armholes of vests, and to the leg holes of briefs, panties and similar gaments. Equipped with S29510 device: pneumatic tape cutter with knee press control





2  needles 4 threads mm 3,5 flatbed machine for elastic lace application from roll on underwear garments. Equipped with trimming knives in front of the folder it is suitable for the application of “U” shaped bindings and of collarettes for underwear, swimwear and seamles. Equipped with one folder fo “U” shape elastic tape and CF 1360 electronic metering device




Flatbed 2 needles mm 3,5 chainstich, top covering stitch elastic lace attaching machine with fixed trimming knives suitable to attach either elastic laces or ribbons on underwear and lingerie. A metering/tensioning device for elastic top feeding is suggested


2 needles 4 threads 3,5mm flatbed machine setup for using electronic metering rollers and fitted with trimming knives. They are set up for attaching elastic lace from rolls above the machine to ladie’s panties ans similar garment made of light and medium fabrics and wide elastics to the waist of brief and mini slips and similar garments. Equipped with S29510 pneumatic tape cutter with knee-press control




3 needles 5 threads 6 mm needle gauge, flatbed machine highly versatile and reliable machine for different kinds of seams on light, medium and heavy weight fabrics




2 needles 4 threads  0,4 mm needle gauge, flatbed machine for reinforced seaming of trousers seat for medium and heavy fabrics





3 needles, 6 threads 6,4 mm flatbed machine for double lap seams on jeans, casual slacks and work clothes on heavy and very heavy fabrics (Denim, velvet…). With rear puller  for facilitating the feeding of both plies on double lap seam




One needle 2 threads flatbed machine for assembly seams medium and heavy fabrics for men’s and women’s wear. For assembly seams all type of medium and heavy fabrics where it is necessary to use the differential feed in order to have flat seams. For knitwear it is also possible to use woll or similar yarns both in the needle and the looper. Equipped with S54810 thread trimming device




Special machine for gut


3 needles 5/6 threads 6 mm flatbed machine for attaching collarettes with decorative pattern on sweater, T-shirt, knit pyjams and children garments. The machine is fitted with a filling device with a thread guide synchronized with the needle movement for inserting one or more threads that make a decorative pattern on the top part of the seam. Equipped with S26610 tape cutter