Rimoldi | LIBRA 181-183

Feed of the arm heads for assembling seams on a wide range of fabrics.

181-38  4 needles feed of the arm, interlock machine without top covering stitch with differential feed and upper trimming knives. Suitable to attach a reinforcement tape, coming from above, on the gusset of men’s brief

183-00 feed of the arm interlock machine with  top covering stitch. Suitable for assembling opertion on hosiery industry. Needle distance 5,4 or 6 mm.

Feed of the arm with an ergonomic shape to allow the operator to sit with excellent vision of the sewing area. Foot lift up to 6 mm: to work  with heavy fabrics. The foot is equipped with spring plates to stay in contact  with the needle plate, avoiding the slipping during sewing operation. Suitable for light  fabric. Stitch lenght is asjusted by push button. A graduated scale located on the hand wheel allows th44e selection of the stitch lenght. Differential feed: easily adjustable to control feeding of the fabrics. It can be actuated even when machine is running by a knee press. Trimming knives: incorporated in the sole of the foot, allows an accurate cutting of the fabric. Easy control of the fabric. Ergonomic working position. reduced operator fatigue. Clear view of the sewing area


4 needles, 6mm 5 threads feed of the arm machine head suitable for seaming the fron opening of men’s briefs simultaneous attaching of a reinforcing strip from the top. Complete with trimming knives located in front of the needles, to trim the edges of the front opening and of the brief in order to be obtain a flat seam. Equipped with S87185 device: 16415+15481+15780 =vacuum chaincutter,pneumatic foot lifter and waste vacuum  device


4 needles,  6 mm, 6 threads feed of the arm machine for seamless garments able to do assembly operations with flat, elastic and resistant seams. Equipped with differential feed and trimmin knives located in front of the needles. Equipped with S87185 device . knee press chain cutter, electropneumatic foot lifter and waste suction device

183-01-4MR-04 MEDICAL LINE

6 mm 4 needles 6 threads feed of the arm machine for medical line especially prepared to insert a stiff or elastic reinforcing tape. Equipped with differential feed and trimming knives located in front of the needles


4 needles, 6 mm 6 threads feed of the arm machine, for flat, strong and elastic assembly seams obtained by head-to-head joining of the flaps previously trimmed by the knives with which the machine is equipped. Suitable for underwear, T-shirts, tights, casual and sportswear


4 needles 6 threads 6 mm feed of the arm machine, particularly suitable for obtaining reinforced seams by inserting a rigid webbing or elastic seams by inserting a thin elastic webbing


Feed of the arm machine suitable for renforced seams on heavy and extra heavy workwear, by attaching a tape coming from the top on the fabric, width 8 mm with the covering stitch. Equipped with differential machanism and trimming knives in front of the foot


4 needles, 6 threads 5,4 mm feed off the arm machine suitable for pantyhose and tights with flat, long lasting and elastic seams. Differential feed and fixed trimming knife fitted in the foot