Rimoldi | FENIX

Cylinder bed sewing machine for tubolar garments.

F71: 2 or 3 needle cylinder bed head to get: 2 needles (406) interlock stitch without cover, 3 needles (407) interlock stitch without cover. Needle distances  3,5mm 4,5mm 5mm or 6mm

F73: 2 or 3 or 4 needle cylinder bed machine to get : 2 needles (602) interlock stitch without cover; 3 needle (605) interlock stitch with cover; 4 needle (407) interlock stitch with cover

F74: 1 needle cylinder bed machine to get: 1 needle (401) double chianstitch

Speed up to 6.200rpm. High efficiency of feeding system. Wide range of special sophisticated electropneumatic devices. Forced lubrification pump. New system for no oil-leackage on needle bar and presser foot bar. External oil filter. Maximum reliability even on extreme use conditions. Easy presser foot replacement. Fast precise push-button stitch lenght adjustment. Adjustable differential feed. High quality seam with any kind of threads. Direct reading oil level. Simple threading. Low noise level. CE labour protections. Easy and comfortable handling of the garments. Wide range of kits for different kinds of sewing operation. Adjustable needle bar stroke. Front and rear movable and indipendent needle guards. Quick and easy conversion. Easy to change needle holding clamp.


Cylinder bed machine 2 needles  4,5 mm needle gauge for top stitching minislips, swimsuits and similar items closed at the sides, made of knitwear and stretch material which have flat elastic already attached to the edge of the fabric with an overlock machine. Equipped with S55812 thread  cutter



Cylinder bed machine 2 needles mm 3,5  for applying rigid lace or tubes from a roll from above on lingerie and underwear garments in general. Equipped with disengageable trimming knives for trimming the fabric


Cylinder bed machine 2 needles, 3 threads mm 4,5 without covering stitch for carrying out hemming operations on light and medium weight underwear and knit outwear in tubes or closed at sides. With directional guide on working surface


1-needle cylindric base  zig-zag machine 3 mm with particularly suitable for hemming mini-briefs, swimming suits in elastic fabric prepared in tubular or closed ring with a flat elastic previously sewn onto the edge of the fabric with a overlock machine