Rimoldi | 263-264-268

Available in the following subclasse:

263-06 for underwear and knitwear and bathing suits. Flatbed top covering chainstitch  machine for assembling and topstitching operation

263-10 for underwear and knitwear flatbed top covering machine. For hemming operations

263-16 / 263-17 for underwear and knitwear. Flatbed covering chainstitch machine for ribbon application with and without elastic insertion

263-30 / 263-31 for underwear and knitwear. Flatbed top covering machine for lace application on underwear and lingerie

263-38  for underwear and knitwear. Special flatbed top covering machine for assembling operations of gussets on underwear garments of reinforced stripes on knitwear

263-46 for underwear and knitwear. Top covering chainstich machine for assembling and topstitching operations

264-00 double locked chainstitch  machine. For assembly seams on light, medium and heavy fabrics

264-04 single thread chainstich basting machine. For the ready-to-wear clothing industry, dye houses and making up various articles

264-10 for hemming towels and similar articles

264-11 for the underwear and lingerie industry. Double chainstitch machine for attaching and inserting elastic, metering rollers and auxiliary feed roller

264-22 for making decorative gathering on ladies and children dresses and various other articles

264-38 for knit-underwear. Double chainstitch machine for attaching reinforcing strips on knit-underwear

264-38-0ML-02 / 264-38-9ML-01 for attaching decorative strips on track suit sleeves and trousers

268-00-2MD-19 for assembly seaming with overlapping of two pieces and for hemming operations



Single thread chainstich basting machine for medium and heavy ready-to-wear clothing industry and dye houses


2 needles flatbed machine for hemming the waistband of women’s knitted or fleece panties by inserting a flat elastic in the hem. Equipped with dosing rollers and toothed feeding rollers


Chainstitch machine for assembly seams of medium-heavy fabrics. Fixed trimming knives. Adjustable seam allowance up to 5mm. With differential. Suitable for straight or wide-curved seams


Single-needle chainstitch 1-thread machine, suitable for closing nylon warp-knit pieces in preparatory dyeing operations


Machine for application of ornamental stripes to trousers and sports suit sleeves


Flatbed machine 2 needles mm 3,5 for the application of the collarettes