Rimoldi | LIBRA F84

Cylinder bed and an ergonomic shaper to allow the operator sit with excellent vision of the sewing area. Stitch lenght is adjusted by push button. Disengageable and swingable loopers. Forced lubrification. Puller auxiliary feeding. Needle distance 4,8 mm, 6,4 mm or 7,2 mm

F84-00 2/3 needles  SHIRTS: chainstitch machine to lap seam loight and medium fabrics, with disengageable loopers for a fast and easy threading.  It can be equipped with a double lap seam folder fitted on a movable slide to move it far from the foot for easy insertion of the fabric under the foot

F84-38 2 needles KNITWEAR: application of a knitted strip on shoulders and back of neck of T-shirt

F84-00 3  needles  JEANS and CASUALWEAR  machine for lap seaming operation for medium heavy fabrics

Special devices  for F84:

164-15  knee press scissor type chain cutter

259-30/259-80   treadle control needle cooling device / EV needle cooling device controlled by electronic motor

296-30/296-80   back treadle vertical type chain cutter / EV pneumatic  vaccuming chain cutter controlled by electronic motor

170-10  knee press device for differential feed adjustment when the machine is running

257-30/257-80   back treadle pneumatic presser foot lifter / EV pneumtic presser foot lift controlled by electronic motor



Feed of the arm  machine for double lapped assembly seams. 2 needles mm 4,8 4 threads particularly suitable for closing sides and sleeves of shirts, pijiamas, dressing gowns and similar garments made of light and medium weight woven fabrics. For warp and weft light fabric


Feed of the arm machine 3 needles mm 6,4 suitable for double lap seaming operations on blue-jeans and sportswear. With rear puller closed to needles for heavy-madium fabric.


Feed of the arm machine 2 needles mm 6,4 suitable for application of a knitted strip on shoulders and back of neck of a T-shirts made of tubolar fabric