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For assembly seaming of medium and heavy fabrics. With fixed trimming knives. Seam margin adjustable up to a maximum of 5 mm (13/64"). With differential feed. Suitable for straight or widely curved seams. Stitch lenght from 8 to 21 stitches per inch. B63 needle system. Speed up to 4700 stitches per minute.

Per cuciture di assemblaggio  di tessuti medi e pesanti. Con coltelli rifilatori non sganciabili. Margine di cucitura regolabile fino a 5 mm max. Con differenziale. Indicata per cuciture diritte o a curve ampie. Lunghezza punto da 8 a 21 punti al pollice. Sistema ago B63. Velocità fino a 4700 punti al minuto


 Flat bed machine for the production of belt loop for jeans, casual slacks and overalls, starting from different-sized piece of fabric. The machine is equipped with adjustable  trimming knives for cutting across the strip of fabric before it is folded by the guide that form the loop.


3 needles feed of the arm machine, 6,4 mm needle gauge with rear puller for medium heavy material ergonomic head       


3 needles 6 threads, 6,4 mm needle gauge, flatbed machine for double lap seams on jeans, blouson, jackets, casual slacks and work clothes on heavy and very  heavy woven fabrics. Fitted with a special presser foot with double-hinged divided

shoe for distributing pressure and facilitating feeding over cross seams



Four needles flat bed machine, needle gauge mm 6,4  for the formation and simultaneous applications of belts  to the waistline of blue jeans, casual slacks, skirts, and casual wear in general.


Two needles 4/5 threads , 5 mm needle gauge , overlock machine from medium to heavy weight fabrics as jeans. Equipped with 125-82 automatic foot lifter            


Two needles overlock machine for assembling operations with vacuuming chain cutter and manual back latch




Overedge stitch overlock machine with top feed dog, feed in front of the needles for assembly seams on extremely heavy  highly elastic woven  fabrics.


One needle single thread chainstich basting machine equipped with puller


 For producing spaghetti, shoulder straps and piping cord in warpknit and elasticized fabric with invisible seams


Computerized work station for overedge stitch assembly seaming with automatic thread chain backlatching. For  knit outwear,  underwear and  lingerie.



PROMOTION! 64R-38-0ML-01

Macchina 12 aghi punto catenella, interasse aghi 6,4 per applicazione simultanea di una o più bande decorative, piazzamento sommerso e motore freno frizione V380 3 fase

12 needles chain stitch machine, needle gauge 6,4 mm for one or more decorative tapes simoultaneus application. Submerged fitting and 380V 3phases clutch motor

PROMOTION! 1127-00-2CD-31/90451

Tagliacuce Rimoldi completa di rientro catenella manuale e alza piedino elettropneumatico, piazzamento sommerso, motore elettronico V220 monofase

Complete Rimoldi overlock machine equipped with manual back latch and electro pneumatic foot lifter, submerged stand and V220 single phase electronic motor

PROMOTION! 1127-00-1CD-31 RAM 1000

Tagliacuce Rimoldi completa, con piedino speciale per inserimento elastico su intimo. Completa di motore elettronico V220 monofase e piazzamento normale, equipaggiata con RAM 1000 a 3 tensionature

Rimoldi complete machine with special foot for elastic insertion on underwear, equipped with electronic 220 V single phase motor, standard fitting and equipped with 3 tensions electronic RAM 1000 device


PROMOTION! R 3058-48

Macchina a punto annodato a 1 ago con coltello rifilatore, trasporto punta ago, rasafilo, distanza taglio 4,8 mm completa di bancale con ruote, motore elettronico V220 monofase e semaforo

1 needle lockstitch, needle feeding machine equipped with trimming knife and thread trimmer. Cutting gauge 4,8 mm, complete with stand, wheels, electronic 220 V single phase motor and enlighting signal

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